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          Tynor Heating Pad Ortho Standard Size

          Provides heat therapy with stable temperature and uniform heating. - PTFE extruded heating element ensures high temperature stability and complete protection against electric shocks. - Soft fabric outside provide feather touch, good aesthetics, conforms to body contours, no hot skin burns. - Optimal temperature range selection of 40 degree to 80 degree with three different color LED indicator. - Easy to use
          Rs 1875.00


          Product details of Tynor Heating Pad Ortho Standard Size

          • Very Safe
          • Soft and Flexible
          • Washable pad
          • 3 Modes of temperature regulation
          • 90 min auto cut with LED indicator
          • Robust design with water repellent thermostat and soldered wire joint, has uniform heating of the pad all over with very stable heating temperature.
          • PTFE extruded heating element provides complete protection against electric shock,higher temperature stability, extended functional life and absolutely no passive current leakage.
          • Fabric Pad has a soft feather like feel, good aesthetics, excellent workmanship, ensues no hot skin burns. Highly flexible, it conforms to the body contours. It is washable, easy to clean and maintain

          a) 90 min shutoff time with auto shutoff Led indication for extra safety protection.

          b) 40°-60° temperature range with three different color led indicator for optimal temperature range selection.

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